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Wash, Fold & Dry

Have you ever completed a load of laundry in five minutes or less? With Rapido Wash’s Wash, Fold & Dry service you can. Spend 3 minutes dropping it off at our location and 2 minutes picking up. Everything in between is handled by us.

Let us take care of your laundry from start to finish. We offer an easy and convenient wash, fold and dry service for as low as $1.10 per pound. We offer 3 packages for you to choose from to make the process as simple as possible. All of our packages offer, split loads, free bleach, and more. The only difference is how fresh and what scent you want your clothes to smell.

With all that said, you might be the person who waits until you have your last set of clean clothes before you do your wash. That’s not a problem with our Rapido package which offers free same day service in addition to scent beads, premium detergent and fabric softener and more.

Stop on by to check out how great this service is.