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Un-Shrink The Sweater

Accidentally dried a wool sweater in the dryer…. Now what?  First of all, don’t panic!  There’s still time to fix it, but you’ll have to work fast!


Hair Conditioner or baby shampoo

Several large towels

Sink or plastic tub or bucket

A bulletin board or foam core poster board

Clothespins or sewing pins or binder clips


Step 1

Squeeze 2-3 TBSP of conditioner (or baby shampoo) into sink/ tub then fill sink/ tub about ⅓-½ with room temp water.

Step 2

Submerge sweater and knead gently. Your sweater needs a good massage to relax and loosen its fibers.

Step 3

Soak sweater for about 30-40 min. While you’re waiting, read a book or watch your favorite TV show.

Step 4

Drain sink/ tub but do NOT rinse. That’s right! Do NOT rinse.  The sweater’s fibers need to be coated to keep them from sticking back together. and help them continue to loosen.

Step 5

Press sweater against empty sink/ tub to remove excess water. Do NOT wring or twist your sweater.  That will cause a whole new problem.

Step 6

Time to make a “sweater sandwich”…Lay an absorbent towel down on a surface you don’t mind getting damp. Then, place the sweater flat on the towel and layer with another towel on top.

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